Stylistically I am an electric blues rock guitar player. At times, I sound like Eric Clapton other times you might hear a little Carlos Santana in me and even some Jeff Beck. And then other times you will hear lighter pop-sounding melodies that fit a singer/songwriter vibe like John Mayer and Lyle Lovett.

Lately, I have been incorporating ambient and house beats into my compositions and loving the new sub genre mixture of sound textures with electric blues guitar and simple pop melodies.

I play bass guitar, and keyboards, compose my own melodies. But I also know my limitations and will use a piano or bass loop if the song calls for it.

When it comes to beats, I will try just about anything, and will often layer sounds, using a combination of drum programming and loops to find the perfect sonic rhythmic experience that will leave listeners craving for more.

I am also not afraid to try new things, incorporating the latest AI music video technologies into my content creations, including using AI to streamline my workflow.

You can see and hear more on my YouTube channel. In YouTube's search engine, type @treblecorpmusic And, finally, my door is open, to co-write with songwriters and artists.

Mark Anthony G.
May 2024